What Are The Benefits Of Alternative Medicine?

 What Are The Benefits Of Alternative Medicine?


And why should we avoid pharmaceutical and surgical solutions to common health ailments…

Title: Homeopathy is not only individualistic but it is holistic. The disease is not considered as separate entity from the body but as a part of it.
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The term ‘alternative medicine’ is used today to reference healing methods which would be considered traditional  medicine if used within the culture it originated.

Their references can be diversified due to their preferences and knowledge regarding this issue. It includes various methods, ways and approaches that people are using from the first dawn of civilization. Some examples include but aren’t limited to:

  • Homeopathy
  • Various massage systems,
  • Traditional chinese medicine (using natural products as medicine)
    • including  herbs, acupuncture, acupressure 
  • Different forms and postures of yoga 
  • Qi Gong
  • Botanical medicine
  • Accupuncture
  • Accupressure

It includes a wide range of practices or medicines that are completely different from the conventional, scientific medical model utilizing pharmaceutical drugs and surgical processes. The benefits of alternative medicine are many and it can actually promote healing rather than sickness. When your doctor suggests a pharmaceutical drug, what if you asked him, ” Is this going to heal my condition and improve my overall health?  You may be surprised by the answer or lack of one.

The top benefit of Alternative medicine is that the practitioners traditionally seek out the cause of a sickness or symptom rather than treating the symptoms alone.

Any doctor should  spend 60-90 minutes or more learning about you, your habits, family history, diet and lifestyle.


Different types of yoga, meditation and dietary methods by using vitamins and various herbs can be the perfect examples of alternative medicine. It can be the substitution of the scientific medical model and it is totally different from conventional health care treatment.

One of the oldest conventional forms of alternative medicine is Chinese Medicine and it has been used widely from the very beginning of the civilization. It has been regarded as the crucial health care method of treatment in the East and people are practicing this system extensively due to its health care benefits and physical comfort. A sound health is a condition that comprises of sound body and mind, mental sharpness, spiritual advancement and well social adjustment. Using drugs continuously isn’t good for long term health and it is an expensive process. One of the benefits of alternative medicine is that it is a very low cost and effective process.

What is Conventional Medicine and where did it come from?

Using conventional medicine is a very costly process and it is losing its share in the market incessantly. As far as chronic disease is concerned, using drugs and surgery will lead you into a downward spiral of *side effects* which are often treated with more drugs. 


But people are thinking of practicing alternative medicine nowadays due to its health value and low cost effectiveness.

People are looking forward to using alternative medicine and it is taking place the existence of conventional medicine. Generally typical medicine treats the symptoms of diseases by using “FDA approved medications and surgeries. It is working solely on the affected parts of the body and it has diversified side effects and other physical hazards.  It may not consider the hidden or fundamental causes of the ailment or disease.

Conventional practitioners or doctors usually treat diseases first and the victim comes later. They don’t show optimism when their prescribed medicine fails to cure the diseases. On the contrary, one of the benefits of alternative medicine is that it treats body, mind and soul simultaneously. The alternative medicine practitioners often persuade and encourage patients to be optimists and help to bring comfort and happiness even when the state is out of control and fruitless.

Health sciences and biomedicine is straightforwardly connected to medicines and drugs. Medicine not only directs towards drugs but also points out medical surgery, clinical treatment and medical research.


The rate of medical faults is also escalating and it is causing severe loss to the near and dear ones. People are very conscious now and they are practicing alternative medicine for their sound physical health and sound mind.


Can I really use herbs to treat health issues?

In the United States, the number of herbal medicine users is increasing rapidly and the herbal industry is flourishing day by day. The number of herbal remedy centers has also multiplied their numbers in the last two years. Herbs can be detrimental to health if taken unwisely, in an erroneous condition, and above all excessively. It can even be the causes of death if you take it with other indicated medicines and alcohol. People need to know what they are doing and using for their physical comfort and wellbeing. Herbal medicine functions as a natural cure. But it can be harmful too if you use it irresponsibly. The benefits of alternative medicine start to appear when it is used by a trained herbalist or traditional medicine practitioner.


Acupuncture is an age old tradition of natural treatment. Generally acupuncture needles are used to place them in the quarter of an inch into the skin of human body to treat patients naturally. The therapist softly bends, curls and twists them for about 10 minutes first. Then he/she leaves them for about 5 to 20 minutes without interrupting. Then, she kindles them with low electrical current or uses herb heats like mugwort (moxibustion) to soothe patients. When James Reston’s accidental appendicitis was discovered, it was brought to the United States as a demonstration of medical absurdity. Alternative medicines have enormous manipulation on medical practice and research nowadays. It helps the existing botanical medicine studies by revealing the effectiveness of ginger, Echinacea and ginkgo biloba. It also assisted enormously in the past by impacting on the LaLeche League on the breast feeding issue. So, the benefits of alternative medicine are limitless.

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