How To Fix A Broken Healthcare System

When it comes to healthcare, are we trying to answer the wrong question?

Why is it that every public conversation regarding health care revolves around how to pay for itI would like to propose a new question, does our Healthcare System actually work to improve the health of its users?

Healthcare spending since the 1960’s



In the US, we are spending over 17% GDP on Healthcare (highest in the developed world) and our life expectancy is lowest of 43 nations.


Ask around, there seems to be a whole generation of us who lost one or both parents by retirement age to preventable and reversible disease under the care of “the best medicine in the world”.

I’d like to make a distinction that we do have incredible emergency care but that only accounts for 2% of our health care costs. But having chronic disease treated with drugs and surgery is causing a dependency on this broken system.

Health Care Professionals enter their fields with a desire to help humanity- but then find themselves working within a system that puts profits before people. Think about it every symptom of dis-ease you can experience is a profit Center to a multinational corporation whose primary legal responsibility is to its shareholders.


And -oh yes our regulatory agencies represent these corporations- for instance the FDA states that only a drug can prevent treat or cure a disease but these prescription and non-prescription drugs are a huge cause of disease and even death.
Yes even over-the-counter medication is toxic tylenol overdose is the most common of acute liver failure in the US in fact according to Harvard properly prescribed medication kills 128,000 people and hospitalizes two million people each year.

Of course, there are medical Technologies helping people with developmental disabilities and people who are permanently disabled do to injury or illness it’s this technology helps us in many ways. But there are countless stories out there of people healed from cancer heart disease diabetes and every other illness imagined using natural methods that will never be approved by the FDA.

Some of these technologies would be considered “Science Based Natural Medicine”

Even WebMD admits that now more than ever Americans are turning to complimentary and alternative medicine. That’s because it’s more affordable add there’s a higher value simply because a doctor will spend hours with you versus minutes and its users begin to heal and reverse disease.


Look, we vote first with our dollars

and we can actually support the healers in our communities who work in tandem with natures wisdom and use healing Technologies passed down and tested for thousands of years.
Outside of a medical emergency I personally would only go to a naturopath, homeopath traditional Chinese medicine practitioner or even a health coach for my family’s health care.
You can research your own health challenges on and take responsibility for your own health be a partner in your own care because health care comes down to the decisions we make everyday and the answer to this Healthcare crisis is available only if we begin to ask the right questions.


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