3 Ways People Are Avoiding Dr. Visits? A look at Alternative Medicine and Home Remedies?

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Mainstream News Source Once Again Covers Up The Truth With Useless Information


It sounds more like they are looking at “alternative medicine” without even trying to see it…


This article from mainstream news source ABC mentions home remedies, essential oils and even veterinary medicine as ways people to avoid going to the doctor.


healing coconut oil


If showing that there are “alternatives” to conventional medicine was  all the article meant to do,  I guess they could feel free to waste our time on these random ” alternatives“.  The problem is that they said ” A Look At Alternative Medicine.”

I have to say I was tempted to stop with the headline- content in yet another sign of a change coming in the healthcare system.

  • Coming from ABC I guess I already knew it was going to be a ridiculous – looking without really looking article. Once I read it, I had to make some comments because it’s a great example of industry controlled media.Why does this “look” mention WD-40 as a remedy for arthritis and the Farmers Almanac as a resource for medical information?  
  • It seems ABC doesn’t think we really can be intelligent enough to determine that WD-40 is probably not a good use of “Alternative Medicine.” 

    And yes, there is a wealth of knowledge in traditional medicine involving the intelligent and time tested use of plants and all types of natural materials -including energies such as magnetic, gravitational, light, and vibration to name a few.


  • Why single out essential oils? They are one of many different ways that herbs are used and your going to comment on the safety and effectiveness of “them” as a group?  

    Forget the quality, processing, and knowledge of how to use them. All they say is, “Like any alternative medicine, doctors warn people to be very cautious about which essential oils they use, the claims made about what they can treat, and how you use them”. 

    So, nowhere in this article is there a mention of a growing trend of people visiting naturopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors, herbalists, acupuncturists, and even farm stands, to take back responsibility for their health from the billion dollar corporate structure.


  • Please tell me what the hell does veterinary medicine have to do with alternative medicine?  

     Nothing -unless your trying to distort the term “alternative medicine.” Since this article did actually mention a pharmaceutical as an alternative to a pharmaceutical, take a guess -who do you think has multi-million dollar ad space and likely a controlling interest in our bogus media outlets?                                                                                                                                                

This is a good cue to move away from the term “alternative” medicine and move to other words like natural or complementary medicine.


I like “science based natural medicine” and I will visit a practitioner of such medicine as necessary to maintain my health and vigor.

A good health practitioner should act as a partner with us, educating  about steps we need to take to be healthy (actions everyday) and empowering you with the tools for success not just giving us pills based on industry rep recommendation.

It’s not as simple as using oils you bought on Facebook or taking a pill- whether it’s intended for people or for pets. Health care is what you do every day, not something you buy.

And don’t be fooled- there is a shift happening that involves very professional science based natural medicine that is a lot less expensive because it’s open sourced. Our health rarely if ever depends on a billion dollar patent.

 The big win is in the philosophy though. Because the idea is to treat the whole individual, not just the parts. This is the only way of healing chronic disease. Our people aren’t dying from a deficiency of pharmaceuticals, they are toxic and undernourished.

Science- based natural medicine can heal this. Heal, consider why this word is never used in conventional medicine, and seek out a “better” health care program than the conventional one shoved down your throat. There is an “alternative”.


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